The Sad Side Of Recession

Just back from getting some last minute (in fact all) Christmas presents.  I always shop two or three days before the big day as there are huge savings to be made and with the Pound plummeting against the Euro we need to save all we can.

What I really found shocking was the sight of Woolworths.  This store was part of my Christmas present schedule, they always had the more hard to find gifts and offered fantastic stocking fillers.  This year, with the chain due to shut in the next few days, the scene was truly awful.  The staff seemed to be scurrying around and trying to keep what is now a jumble sale, tidy, they also all know that they face starting 2009 without a job.  How they can continue working knowing that, I will never know.

I took some pictures, I felt bad but as a blogger want to keep the gritty side of recession and what it means as a reminder on this blog.  I do this in the hope that in happier times to come, however far away that may be, we can all look back to this dark day and remember how we felt walking around a sinking ship and remember what we needed to do to survive after.  Sorry not a happy Christmas post, they can be seen on fuelmyblog’s blog.

wooliesoutside wooliesinside

Sadly they are also selling the shelves and staff lockers etc:


I can’t find the words, but hope the folks losing their jobs manage to find something fast.