Future of Web Apps – Butcher plays rrrrrr-runaround

Just got back from Future of Web Apps.  It was a great show, so slick and so many amazing speakers.

Snapshot of things seen, people spoken to:-

MySpace Bus

Microsoft Table

Jemima Kiss (blue dress – ok, possibly only female in shot) filming Mike Butcher hosting Techcrunch Runaround – a format that should be revisited in a larger scale

He who has most behind wins:-

Mike Butcher meets Ben Huh – I can haz a knackered Mike (he just finished Runaround at this point)

Here’s to the next event – although I am still thinking Mike should def run a Crackerjack version – best pitches get to hold cabbages – most cabbages win.

And then finally back home, this damn iphone is not picking up but..look at the ceiling in the plane, those two white rectangles are for mobile phones, the left says “turn off mobile” on the right says something like “mobile can be used”..imagine, a plane with mobile phones…urrgghh.

A Challenge to UK Bloggers!

As the “avid” readers of my new blog, you know that I am currently working on a secret project, I should be able to announce it by mid April.  I have told a few people under NDA and have had a fantastic response, in fact, it looks 99% certain to have the potential future British Prime Minister involved too!  Anyway (to create a seamless link!)…whilst putting together the “project” I have agreed to enter a team into the First Mini Monster Dualathlon specifically in Leeds on 25th May 2008.

So, you’ll have to excuse the linking here, the people I have linked to probably don’t know about this blog and why should they! (I haven’t written this post for links, but is far easier than typing emails).

I want to challenge the following to put together some teams, i’ll even get a special trophy made for the challenge!

So, the UK PR Twitterers I follow and chat with please try to enter a team  DrewB, Stephen, Simon, Stuart and the PRGeek!

..and also I want to challenge the UK Press Peeps I follow and chat with ie JemimaMikeIan and Pete.

And this is an open challenge to anyone in the UK with a blog, if you can get yourself up to Leeds, leave a message, should be fun!

The Dualathlon is a four person relay, first leg is 3k run, hand the batton over to a cyclist for a 10k ride they then hand over to another runner for a 3k run then the final leg of 10k on a bike.  Not hard, 25% of the £20 team entry fee goes to Save the Children.  One can also raise money by sponsorship.

Go on guys, you know you want to 😉