Is The New BBC iPlayer Desktop Not Playing Properly For You?

This is a short sweet and simple post.

I just updated my iPlayer to the new desktop version and to my dismay, the video was choppy and did not play in time with the sound.  The previous iPlayer worked fine for me.  After reading forums and posts all over, nothing seemed to fix the problem.  Then I did something very simple that fixed the issue instantly.

I closed firefox and internet explorer.  Hey presto, no memory lag or any isues with the video.

Seems strange that BBC have launched something that sucks so much memory.

Ah well, thought i’d share this quick fix..

The BBC Really Has Lost The Plot

After all the hoohaa about Ross and Brand, now Moyles, it strikes me that the BBC has lost control.  I just clicked on the international BBC site and am convinced they have lost the plot.

I understand the BBC feel it needs to make money out of its overseas online viewers, a simple, simple solution would be to offer BBC iPlayer to those outside the UK for a small monthly subscription say £5 per month, but no, that is just far too easy.  For those that don’t know, you are unable to access iPlayer from outside the UK.

What the BBC decided to do was to put some adverts on the site.  This started off with very discrete 468×60 sized adverts showing animated National Geographic links, very soft and pleasing on the eye, that was pre-creditcrunch.

Now, they have a huge advert on the right hand side of the homepage, I don’t have a problem with adverts at all.  But I can’t understand who these adverts are targeting, how on Earth do they expect to make money from these ad’s?  I mean, who is buying Rolex watches right now??  Surely a paid advert with a rev share would be better given the traffic the BBC generates?

Take a look for yourself:-


Any thoughts?