Is There Really No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?


Ok so it’s front page of the Daily Fail, but how much does it matter to the brand of Superdry, that the guy wearing their top is accused of murdering his new wife?

As a brand, Superdry became huge due to a certain David Beckham being photographed wearing one of their t-shirts.  It grew partly, or as some say, mainly because of great press.

Would this bad publicity put you off buying the garment?

The question is in the title of this post.

No Email, No “Oops”, Ryanair To Fly To La Rochelle From Nov 29th

It seems people power may have worked, people power and the Chamber of Commerce.

Just confirmed with La Rochelle airport that the route from la Rochelle to Stansted is back on, starting from 29th November – the operator, Ryanair.

I bet those of you that booked cheap deals with them and had them cancelled are offers, no apologies, no thrills..

I still hope that Easyjet have that marketing meeting they promised to me in email, be good to see some competition on this route, which clearly is a money maker.  My email and their response below, send your email to paul @ (remove the blank space.)

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for returning to us with the details of your suggestions.
Please, be assured I’ve passed your message to Paul and the marketing department for their consideration.
I agree with you that there are many strong arguments supporting the idea of extending the number of routes going to and from La Rochelle. Definitely, your suggestion is worth noticing and deep considering.
Once again, thank you very much for the suggestion. Let me wish you nice day, and hope we will welcome you on board of one of our flights in the future.
Best Regards,
Dorota Owczarek
Customer Experience Team

From: Kevin Dixie
Sent: Tue 15/09/2009 11:45
To: Paul

Hi Dorota

Thanks for the response.

I live in La Rochelle, France and Easyjet fly here during the summer months.  Up until now, Ryanair have flown from La Rochelle to Stansted 3-4 times per week through-out the year.  I have just learned that they are pulling out of La Rochelle, Angouleme and Nantes airports between November and April.  I think there is a huge opportunity, I was once told that LR to STN was in the top ten busy routes on Ryanair and I have never ever been on a flight that isn’t full, and I have been on the plane during the dark depths of winter!

Given that Ryanair have now only one airport open serving SW France, I think if you set up a regular route from La Rochelle you would pick up an absolute steal.   La Rochelle is the 3rd most visited destination by tourists in France, all year around it is packed.  France is the most visited country in the world by tourists.  It must make sense.  I would love to Easyjet launch a marketing campaign to “save the route” – after all, Ryanair have a habit of doing that..!

I think any company taking up this route would simply be getting huge amount of sales – there are thousands of holiday rental homes in the region and as many that commute to the UK and Ireland.   I would also look at other routes from la Rochelle to European cities as the area is very affluent and is one of the richest cities in France.