Techcrunch Stops Embargo’s – Sod It Here Is My Press Release

Reading an interesting post by Mike Arrington on Techcrunch today, basically, he is sick to death of other press, blogs and people breaking embargo’s.  I can understand this, it takes time to construct a well thought out and well researched  intellectual post, when given an embargo, the journalist or blogger is given a time to actually release the story.  Of course, this story is not so hot if someone breaks the embargo to grab the “exclusive”.

I had an experience with PR Newswire a few weeks back, who advised me to distribute a press release on a Saturday – why I have no idea, it got a shocking response, maybe linked to by 50 splogs.  Fact is, I am never using an online PR company to distribute my Press Releases again, have zero ROI on them and frankly, in the main the releases are presented on scraping sites and barely touch the journalists that would find the story newsworthy.

From now, I will post the releases on here, link them to Twitter, Friend Feed and Fuel all my friends this link on fuelmyblog and simply see what happens, I have enough Journalists and bloggers on those sites following me.  As Robert Scoble commented on that Techcrunch post “If I were in PR I’d just Twitter the news, link to a blog explaining it..”.

So here is Fuelmyblog’s latest press release with a great reference from The King of Shaves boss, Will King.

FUELMYBLOG HELPS BRANDS ENGAGE WITH SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY, the global social network for bloggers, has launched a service aimed at bringing well-known brands closer to its customers and the blogging community.

Fuelmyblog allows bloggers to promote their own blogs for free by networking and recommending others on the site by rating them. It also hosts a community written blog, competitions, interviews and other benefits.

Now Fuelmyblog has launched a product review service linking well known brands with bloggers and a major social media platform.

Fuelmyblog Director Kevin Dixie said: “More and more people are turning to the Internet for product reviews with virtual trust taking over that of family and friends.”

Fuelmyblog believes that in the current economic climate, online is the most cost effective route to marketing a brand or product and practically eliminates the need for expensive campaigns.

Reaching out to bloggers is an ideal way to embrace social media, create online buzz and grow a brand online. By using Fuelmyblog, direct contact to the bloggers is available and provides a trusted source with a strong relationship.

Kevin Dixie said: “Companies working with Fuelmyblog simply select blogs to work with on a campaign, the bloggers have opted-in to receive and review products or test services.

“The products are then sent directly to the blogger with some company background to test and then write an honest review based upon their findings. The blogger is not paid for the review and simply keeps the goods. This ensures there are high levels of trust with the bloggers readers and web surfers as the reviews are based on true experience , we do not tell them to be positive.”

The King of Shaves* are running a blogger relations campaign asking Fuelmyblog’s top bloggers to test its new Azor razor.

King of Shaves CEO and founder Will King said: “As a company we are always looking at innovation in our products and how we engage with our customers. I have my own blog and immediately saw the potential of the Fuelmyblog campaign. The feedback we have had on the blogs involved has been terrific.”

*King of Shaves won the 2008 ‘Best Company’ award at the Real Business & CBI ‘Growing Business’ awards.

– Ends –

Feel free to pass this on, blog it, write about it.  We think it is great news for any brand trying to launch a new product or even reignite old products.  We are also offering restaurant and hotel reviews on blogs.  Remember, as we already have the relationships with the bloggers, you won’t pay huge PR fees or have random people leaving messages on blog posts begging to promote your products..

Stop the bus, the Tour is off

For those of you reading this, it is tough for me to write, however, the secret I had been planning has been shelved, due to the recession and incompetence.  I had planned to host a tour of the UK (then USA) in theblogbus. The bus was to be provided and supported by a World leading transport company, we hoped to visit every major city and explain just how blogging and social media can help the general public.  The challenges were huge but the coverage fuelmyblog would have gained would have been enormous.  All users would have benefitted.  We had signed up a couple of well known celeb’s, the Government, some huge online companies and two of the World’s largest technology companies.

Unfortunately, after spending three to four solid months on the project, the company pulled out at the last minute.  This has let a handful of global companies down.  Thankfully, the contacts at these organisations are keen to continue working with me and fuelmyblog and I will revisit the tour idea shortly, with someone able to deliver.

For the corporate, I suspect this was a project that the employees probably felt they had to put time into, the only person really understanding the value was the board member that signed it off.  In any case, I have had a large portion of my working year put aside, the costs are huge both in a personal, financial and business level.  It was set to be a fantastic event, it still will be, only next time, I will choose the company wisely, I want to work with a company that understands the internet, the value of meeting the public (their customers) and the value of 5m unique visitors per day – even if the tour is not part of their bread and butter.

Ok back to fuelmyblog.  There are plenty of products to test out now, one to note, the King of Shaves Azor, we are hoping to tie up a lot of companies over the next few weeks to ensure the bloggers get a flow of great products.   We are also bringing out a new feature very shortly, this will be very exciting for us and hopefully enable our users and friends to interact more on the site.

Sorry to have been away for a while, things have been busy here, trying to catch up 🙂

Youtube freezes after 2 seconds

Many many people face the same problem using Firefox and Internet Explorer, you click on a YouTube video, it starts, two seconds later, finished. Or rather, it stops. If your YouTube video stops after two seconds, this tip is for you..

I have seen many many people say that you need to go back to previous restore point, change config or DNS settings, delete programs, upgrade drivers, buffer problems, change start-up settings, restart PC or blah blah blah..forget it. You do not need to do anything so drastic…

So your YouTube video freezes after 2 seconds, simply close your browser. All tabs, the lot. When prompted to restart windows or firefox, do not restore all opened tabs. Start again *from fresh* and hey presto, youtube will work as normal..

That’s magic – and will save you hours of sodding about.