How I avoid spam calls on my mobile phone

I currently receive a large number of spam calls, accident claims, automated PPI calls, mobile phone marketing calls etc..

I am still running iOS 6 on my iPhone, if you have upgraded to iOS 7, this is a lot easier, just go to the phone app at the bottom of your home screen, open it, look for ‘recents’, simply click ‘i’ next to the number you want to block, scroll to the bottom of the next back and click on “Block this caller”.

For those of you not on iOS 7 or in fact on any phone, this is my method.  It doesn’t block them, but it ensures you can red button them for eternity!

Just create a spam contact, add them.  Done..!


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One thought on “How I avoid spam calls on my mobile phone”

  1. Depending on how bad the spam phone calls you receive are you could take more direct action in terms of call blocking.

    As well as call blocking apps for your smartphone there are also some good quality call blockers for your landline. I bought one for my landline the other week with an lcd screen and the ability to go back through all your received calls, blocking the ones you no longer want calling you as you go.

    The cheaper units only allow you to block a call during the actual call itself and do not allow you to save a history of the calls.

    I now make videos every time I receive a call from one of the many phone spammers telling people they dont have to put up with spam calls anymore as there are many great ways of blocking them altogether (You can see my last video from my youtube link).

    My only advice would be to go for the mid range price call blocker like I did as going for the cheapest ones available will lead to a loss of features – like the call history built into the unit as I mentioned a moment ago, amongst others.

    Governments will do nothing to stop the sales calls spammers – it is up to us to do it ourselves!

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