New Invention – 70’s Style For The Facebook Generation @DysonJames

So this post has been written to record the thought process, i’d appreciate any feedback and thoughts. It is rushed, there are stacks of errors – it is a quick thought snapshot.

I have been observing my teenage daughter recently and have stumbled upon something very strange.  They crave low tech.


Imagine this, you are 13 and want to take pics of yourself with your friends, all posing covered in make-up (or the boys have hairwax etc), final destination of that picture – Facebook..

So all the adults merrily produce technology that enables the teens to digitally produce images that can easily be sent to Facebook via camera on a phone.  What the adults forget is that the teens also want to go to sleep staring at their pics..staring at the ceiling, wall or bedside cabinet.. just as we did in the 70’s (replace decade with your own).  They have iPad’s, mobile phones etc but these gadgets require power (teens forget to charge) and they make young eyes very sore.  This is a big omission.

Solution – a Polaroid camera that prints instantly and cheaply – think inkjet tech (the teens are not interested in quality – just speed) and at the same time a small button can be pressed that sends the image to Facebook/Twitter etc via wifi connection.  If the photo costs under 30p per print, the teens would love it.

Any thoughts?  Who’s in?

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2 thoughts on “New Invention – 70’s Style For The Facebook Generation @DysonJames”

  1. Love this idea for teens [Polaroid photos are ace] ,, it has to be fast and instant {as that is what it is all about these days]… 30p per print is low in isolation but on the other hand when they get going with no income it is expensive .. how would you charge them ? or would it be the parent paying out?
    My teen would take zillions of pics to post which she takes saves on a smart card and posts so an app that allows them to take a photo, print and instantly post in one go is the answer

  2. I say have polaroid cameras for sleepovers, girls just ‘have’ to touch and share things. Having a scanner on the family computer allows those additional “I gotta post this” opportunities. Doubtful they’ll bring polaroids back with USB internal scanning in the cartridges.

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