First Post, Clear Head..Now For Some Fun

My first post of 2010.  I wanted to write sooner but frankly, have had zero free time what with moving back to the UK, and keeping all businesses moving forward.  Everything is moving along nicely now, no problems with anything and we are actually seeing healthy healthy growth everywhere.  Also looking for freelance sales people all across the UK and USA for fuelmyblog.

Quick flashback to the move, I used ABC van hire in Hoddesdon which resulted in one lorry having its gear box explode after a 16 hour drive and the second arrived with 5 flat tyres and 1 bald.  Health and Safety eat your heart out, I will one day tell this story, but until then wanted to warn anyone looking to use them to be careful, we could have had some major major accidents..

But now, ladies and gents, to lighten up, say hello and put a smile on your face, this is what happens if you stick a winebox in a microwave.

Microwave Box Of Wine – Watch more Funny Videos

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