What Is The Best Web Browser?

I have had it with Windows Internet Explorer – too slow.

I have had it with Firefox – on average 500,000k commit size and slows my pc to a halt.

I am now trying Chrome and actually, it’s only using 50,000k commit and my pc is flying…

What do you use?  What else should I use or try?

Appreciate your feedback, thanks

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One thought on “What Is The Best Web Browser?”

  1. I went Chrome a few days ago. It was actually the last ditch attempt before going full Linux throughout the house, save one laptop for the necessity of MS Office/Outlook I rely on desperately.

    IE and FF…both seem to drag on launch as well as page load compared to not long ago, even after reimaging my HD at times.

    Chances are next year when someone asks me how fast I want a page or app to launch, I’ll probably reply “five seconds before I thought of doing it”…I don’t think that’s far from what other people will feel.

    Sheesh, I remember when we were all happy campers if we were able to stay connected to a local bulletin board system our neighborhood geek was running before the internet was publicly available!

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