We Are Moving Back To The UK

The tears in my last post were a quick realisation that we had to make a big decision.  In a positive and good way.

For us personally it was a difficult one, living a ten minute walk from the sea in a beautiful city like La Rochelle doesn’t get much better. The kids have made very close friends and are really settled, totally bilingual with zero accent. The daily markets, sunshine to match Monaco and amazing walks and runs by the coast really have made us very happy the past three years.

But with Ryanair playing with our flights, the ever decreasing euro and the fact we are busier than ever but unable to hire anyone here as our businesses are firmly in the UK, moving back has been making more and more sense recently.

Our businesses are growing fast, we need more support both from the business side and from family, we need to hire people and fix up an office, we need to go to the weekly conferences and meet-ups, enjoy beers with new friends and old ones too.  We need to kick ass. Hard.

So, as of December 2009, we are moving back to the UK, just North of London in leafy Hertfordshire.

It’s a great move for us, we get to live near my family again, near our good friends and importantly 45 mins from London on the train.  The kids will be able to move back to familiar classes with friends and we’ll be able to carry on as before.  Only this time, with our own independence, our future dictated by us.  Secretly we know that we are back for good, in a bloody positive way and we can’t wait!

See you all in December.

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2 thoughts on “We Are Moving Back To The UK”

  1. It’s such a shame that you will be leaving such a beautiful place, but at least Hertfordshire isn’t that bad and as you say you will be near family again, hope you move all goes to plan…

  2. We have been to La Rochelle only once but we loved the place. Can definitely understand how tough the decision must have been. All I can say is welcome back to cold Blighty and hope your business grows in leaps and bounds. Cheers

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