50 Uk Celebrities To Follow On Twitter

So you joined Twitter but have no idea how to find celebs to follow?  Here is a list of 50 famous UK Twitter users for you to follow.

The celebs are getting hooked and nowhere is safe, even if you happen to get stuck in a lift with Stephen Fry, it is likely he’ll Twitter it..Work with Adam Woodyatt, he’ll shame you into admitting you are not on Twitter..

So without further-a-do, here are 50 famous UK Twitter users you should follow (there are probably many more I missed so leave their names in comments).

Top 10

http://twitter.com/coldplay (Coldplay) 540,812 followers
http://twitter.com/DowningStreet (Gordon Brown’s Office) 424,778 followers
http://twitter.com/stephenfry (Stephen Fry) 417,508 followers
http://twitter.com/rustyrockets (Russell Brand) 220,664 followers
http://twitter.com/Wossy (Jonathan Ross) 208,613 followers
http://twitter.com/imogenheap (Imogen Heap) 159,569 followers
http://twitter.com/richardpbacon (Richard Bacon) 152,362
http://twitter.com/Lilyroseallen (Lily Allen) 143,371 followers
http://twitter.com/Schofe (Phil Schofield) 141,680 followers
http://twitter.com/JohnCleese (John Cleese) 140,160 followers

11 – 20

http://twitter.com/chrisdjmoyles (Chris Moyles) 130,401 followers
http://twitter.com/AlanCarr (Alan Carr) 111,199 followers
http://twitter.com/Fearnecotton (Fearne Cotton) 88,810 followers
http://twitter.com/jimmycarr (Jimmy Carr) 86,604 followers
http://twitter.com/richardbranson (Richard Branson) 82,006 followers
http://twitter.com/eddieizzard (Eddie Izzard) 74,791 followers
http://twitter.com/Jamie_Oliver (Jamie Oliver) 53,707 followers
http://twitter.com/justinillusion (Justin Lee Collins) 56,824 followers
http://twitter.com/hollywills (Holly Willoughby) 53,843 followers
http://twitter.com/xxandip (Andi Peters) 47,958 followers

21 – 30

http://twitter.com/alandavies1 (Alan Davies) 45,574 followers
http://twitter.com/RealDMitchell (David Mitchell) 44,905 followers
http://twitter.com/RealRobBrydon (Rob Brydon) 37,884 followers
http://twitter.com/charltonbrooker (Charlie Brooker) 34,016 followers
http://twitter.com/scott_mills (Scott Mills) 28,873 followers
http://twitter.com/jupitusphillip (Phil Jupitus) 27,010 followers
http://twitter.com/mfhorne (Matthew Horne) 25,885 followers
http://twitter.com/MayorOfLondon (Boris Johnson) 25,604 followers
http://twitter.com/RealBillBailey (Bill Bailey) 24,506 followers
http://twitter.com/RealMattLucas (Matt Lucas) 23,667 followers

31 – 40

http://twitter.com/misterwallace (Danny Wallace) 21,839 followers
http://twitter.com/bobbyllew (Robert Llewellyn) 21,543 followers
http://twitter.com/cheryl_ann_cole (Cheryl Cole) 20,549 followers
http://twitter.com/skinnermike (Mike Skinner) 20,291 followers
http://twitter.com/ClaudiaWinkle (Claudia Winkleman) 15,769 followers
http://twitter.com/willcarling (Will Carling) 14,167 followers
http://twitter.com/ThePaulDaniels (Paul Daniels) 14,074 followers
http://twitter.com/AdamWoodyatt (Adam Woodyatt) 13,985 followers
http://twitter.com/RealRobertWebb (Robert Webb) 13,916 followers
http://twitter.com/LeighFrancis (Keith/Leigh Francis) 12,415 followers

41 – 50

http://twitter.com/ronskanky (David Baddiel) 10,700 followers
http://twitter.com/ronanofficial (Ronan Keating) 10,231 followers
http://twitter.com/Jennifalconer (Jenni Falconer) 9,659 followers
http://twitter.com/sarah_cawood (Sarah Cawood) 9,654 followers
http://twitter.com/benshephard (Ben Shephard) 7,962 followers
http://twitter.com/jamiecullum (Jamie Cullum) 7,437 followers
http://twitter.com/sk8mate (Chris Dean) 3,403 followers
http://twitter.com/DonalMacIntyre (Donal MacIntyre) 3,091 followers
http://twitter.com/Kyranbracken (Kyran Bracken) 2,810 followers
http://twitter.com/Beverleyknight (Beverley Knight) 1,753 followers

Add me http://twitter.com/kevindixie (Kevin Dixie) 1,502 followers

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Did I miss any? Leave their name and link in the comments

Image credits @adamwoodyatt and @stephenfry on Twitpic

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