Oh No…Ryanair To Introduce A New Fee – We Decide..

Just checking out the Ryanair website to see if any new route announcements or deals are out there as I need to fly back to London shortly.  I noticed this:-

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, today (8 Apr) announced that it received over 12,000 suggestions from passengers as part of the low fares airline’s competition to suggest a discretionary revenue charge which would help lower Ryanair’s costs and reduce its guaranteed lowest fares even further.

The top five suggestions are:
  1. €1 for toilet paper – with O’Leary’s face on it,
  2. €2 “corkage” fee for passengers who bring their own food,
  3. €5 annual subscription to access Ryanair.com,
  4. €3 to smoke in a converted toilet cubicle,
  5. Excess fees for overweight passengers based on body mass index.

I hope they select number 1 – what are the bets the competition is fixed, with choices 2 and 3 being those submitted by Ryanair?  Cast your vote here

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