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Just back from the Social Networking World Forum – was a great event, “smaller than expected” was a phrase I heard quite a bit but in reality, it was a first attempt at this conference from the team and next year looks set to be even bigger.  What it lacked in exhibition stands it made up for in conversation.  I can’t remember going to an event where so many key decision makers were wandering around and discussing the web.

Of course, everyone talked about Twitter.

I met some really smart people and can happily say that some amazing things are planned for the next few months.

So a quick run-down on some highlights – I met the team behind Blinko, who just launched a social mobile network where the key is having  just 20 real friends, my fear with this site is that you could actually lose real friends..but the team are fired up and have a big company behind them.

Then I met Dan and Neal from A Tiger in Africa – they are launching a site soon that could be massive, it may need some tweaking but I think I discovered a great revenue model for them..jammy gits!

I briefly met the guys from Punch Communications, they seriously get Social Media.

I spent a lot of time talking to Sara-Jane from Butlins, we had some great brainstorming, watch this space for more as we are going to be talking a lot about these guys shortly – and a bloody good reason to join fuelmyblog coming soon.

Finally putting a face to the names of Paul Fabretti and James Whatley was a pleasure, two nice blokes.

And last but not least Maz from Sky, we had a good chat and as with Butlins, watch this space..lots more coming if you are on fuelmyblog.

Thanks to the team at SixDegs, good job, see you in Cali.

Now back to my crisps

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  1. Is Dan as charming as he was when I last met him a few decades ago? Should I keep in with him? Will he help me achieve my ambition of owning another yacht? …… and stop eating squirrels!

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