The Pizzeria in La Rochelle, where kids cost more..

Rarely am I left speechless, for those that know me, I talk at 100 miles per hour and get animated on things I am passionate about.  This evening was different.

We (my Wife and kids) decided to go for a Pizza tonight, in part because we felt guilty at not having given the kids a great half term, work has once again taken away some fun for them.

So, as you probably know, I live in La Rochelle, France, a beautiful city by the Atlantic Ocean.  We went to the L’Accademia Teatro Bettini pizza restaurant in La Rochelle for a meal.   The choice was great and we settled for three pizzas and a pasta.  The pizza’s were around €10 each and the pasta was similar.  The children’s menu (as ever in France) was tiny, offering either a “mini-pizza” or a “mini-pasta”.  The kids both opted for the mini portion of each, as normal.

So the pizza arrived, mine, full size 12″ oven baked and freshly cooked and my son possibly received a thrown together 5″ pizza, or 60% less in size.  Both tasted great although so salty we had to consume 2 litres of water!  The mini-Pasta too was 60% smaller than normal size, no problem, as the kids didn’t need anymore to eat.

Then we had the bill..they (Teatro Bettini Accademia en La Rochelle) charged €10 for my Pizza and €8 for the “mini-pizza”, they also charged €8.30 for the “mini-pasta”.  We complained and they shrugged, they decided to reduce the pasta to the price on the menu (!!) (€6.30) and said sorry, but the mini-pizza was the price and “do we want to talk to the big Boss”.  We said no, left no tip and walked.  Leaving me writing this blog post as to why I would not recommend you to ever eat at L’Accademia Teatro Bettini in la Rochelle as it is a total rip off.

What do you think?  Do restaurants take the “P” out of us parents, I swear it was not like that in the UK nor in the USA when we have much do you pay for kids meals?

Rant over etc.


L’Accademia Teatro Bettini
1, Rue de Thiers
La Rochelle

Tel : 05 46 41 07 03

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