Why Twitter Is Good For Celeb’s

I know I keep rambling on here about twitter but it is just becoming the number one source for news on celebrity.  Every UK newspaper is sraping things from Twitter.  But one thing the papers need to realise is that the celebrities can now bite back – (and blogs can break news faster than the papers).

I refer you to this conversation (I posted this first on The DailyDust and I bet this will be in at least one Mainstream newspaper by the end of today) :-

Perez Hilton@lilyroseallen Is casting the music video for her next single, which she’s shooting in LA. Tell her U think she should have Perez in it! Ha!

Lily Allen:  @perezhilton oh , I’m sorry , we’ve already cast the jealous and bitter lonely old queen role. Next time eh ?

PH: @lilyroseallen Jealous of who? David Beckham, maybe. And if I wanted to be a fucked up Brit, I’d rather be Amy Winehouse – whose got talent.

LA: @perezhilton god, you’re like so obsessed with me its embarassing.

PH: @lilyroseallen Congrats on your album doing well in America, though. It’s REALLY HARD to sell copies when u discount it to $3.99. Desperate!

LA: @perezhilton its also number one everywhere else in the world douchebag. Go away you little parasite.

PH: @lilyroseallen Aw, u can see I’ve lost weight! I am a littler Perez. But I’m still a big fat c**t – just like U! That’s why I lova ya. xoxo

PH (AGAIN): @lilyroseallen P.S. Thanks for advertising on my website. I’ll take your money (or the label’s) anytime!

LA: @perezhilton  I know you will, and that’s what makes you a cheap ass whore. Now leave me alone, stop following me, I’m working. Bye x x

PH: @lilyroseallen I can still read what you write, twat!

Celebs and journo’s can really fight in public these days, and I love it.

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