Do You Have More Than One Twitter Identity?

Just had a thought (not a regular occurrence).

There is huge coverage in the mainstream UK press about Twitter and it has seen an explosion in user growth recently, just take a look at some of the UK celebs and their follower numbers:-

@stephenfry – Stephen Fry – 204,139
@wossy – Jonathan Ross – 107,107
@schofe – Phillip Schofield – 75,033
@chrisdjmoyles – Chris Moyles – 66,196
@fearnecotton – Fearne Cotton – 29,904

So my question is this, while there are obviously huge numbers of fans joining twitter, how many are actually active and how many people have more than one identity?

For example, I have @kevindixie @fuelmyblog (website feeds, was me) @thedailydust (website feeds) @theblogbus (future project) @FMBupdates (feeds only) – So if I have six names, does that count as six users?

Do you have more than one identity on twitter, if so how many and do you think each person should be restricted to one username like facebook?

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7 thoughts on “Do You Have More Than One Twitter Identity?”

  1. I have my main ‘me’ account – @virtualewit but have also just created one for my dog (which of course I have to write!) @polly_poodle She is quite talkative in real life so I thought you might as well Twitter! I’m thinking of creating a more business focussed account but haven’t done it yet.

    I’m used to having multiple identities being in Second Life where I have several avatars in my box although one is used much more than the others.

  2. I have @LandersIE and I think there is another Landers somewhere that is mine that I forgot the login details of. It was about two/three years ago.

    I don’t think I could cope with more than one LOL.

    In other news… the Fearne Cotton one is fake.

  3. I have two – @beelarge which is me. I was one of the first in my off line group of friends to become involved in twitter and really wanted to go to these twitter meetups so I created another id so I could invite a friend along too. (not telling my made up id)

  4. I have 4 accounts. @Shellshocked (business and me), @simonjermy (used to be me but don’t use as much anymore, @duffahat (a sports tournament I’m helping organise) and another one for my house (my house is very opinionated).

    I don’t think there should be any restrictions. Twitter is more than just a communications tool, it’s a great way to be creative with language. Multiple accounts may be necessary to reflect the different parts of our identities.

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