Looking at the lighter side of life

Back in October, Ewan and I had a chat.

The chat led to us believing there is no UK website dedicated to good news, just good news.  We started The Daily Dust, a newspaper of good UK only news.

Adding to the picture a couple of people, a top SEO guy, leading football writer and a racing pundit we launched quietly.  One month after launch, we had 1 million page views.  Still in stealth mode we continued our mission of writing and linking to a couple of posts per day each. One of those posts had 250,000 unique readers.

Now we have the makings of something very special.

We are looking for more people willing or able to give up half an hour a day to help with content or simply send us links to good news.  We aren’t making any money from it, yet, when we do, will be happy to pay our writers to keep the content flowing, until then, anyone joining us can get links back to their blogs/sites and enjoy the pleasure writing good news gives!  Those on at the beginning will be able to see how we attempt to grow this in our spare time.

This project is getting legs and we hope you enjoy reading it.

Meanwhile, Fuelmyblog continues to go from strength to strength, we have more testing of products coming and this year we are going to attempt to make significant changes to the look and feel and give the site some amazing features.

2009 should be a good year, not a gloomy one but it is going to take a lot of hard work!

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One thought on “Looking at the lighter side of life”

  1. When you are hugely successful and are in desperate need of a weekly DP column please speak to my agent – SylvieD. She has all my details and can provide a CV in several languages including Gibberish. I believe you know how to contact her.

    [Well done old man – it’s really nice to see something working amidst all the doom and gloom – have a pint of Guinness on me]

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