Here’s Why You Just Lost Loads Of Followers On Twitter

So you just logged into Twitter and found you have a whole bunch of followers missing, “what did I say wrong?” you ask yourself..

Fear not!

Twitter is finally deleting all the spammers from your followers, from their blog:-

Also: we’ll be releasing a change later this afternoon that will start removing deleted and suspended users from your list of followers. As this hasn’t been cleaned up previously, you may notice your follower counts go down. This is to be expected.

Phew, you weren’t so out of order after all!

Mine took a hit of 101 just now, follow me @kevindixie


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8 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Just Lost Loads Of Followers On Twitter”

  1. Hehe, so many sad people today. So many people in distress because their listener count has gone down. Then again they would have realised this much earlier if they conversed with their followers, rather than talked at them.

    The question is whether from now on it’ll be a more gradual process.

  2. Thanks for the info. And there i was thinking it was me bashing on about telecommuting today. I think I took a hit of 31 ‘followers’. @appleaddicto

  3. This is a really good thing. I was getting tired of having to go through and block them in the past. I think I lost maybe 10 since this change was made.

    For me this enhances the Twitter experience, and I’m really glad their working to improve when others have come and gone like Pownce.


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