Stop the bus, the Tour is off

For those of you reading this, it is tough for me to write, however, the secret I had been planning has been shelved, due to the recession and incompetence.  I had planned to host a tour of the UK (then USA) in theblogbus. The bus was to be provided and supported by a World leading transport company, we hoped to visit every major city and explain just how blogging and social media can help the general public.  The challenges were huge but the coverage fuelmyblog would have gained would have been enormous.  All users would have benefitted.  We had signed up a couple of well known celeb’s, the Government, some huge online companies and two of the World’s largest technology companies.

Unfortunately, after spending three to four solid months on the project, the company pulled out at the last minute.  This has let a handful of global companies down.  Thankfully, the contacts at these organisations are keen to continue working with me and fuelmyblog and I will revisit the tour idea shortly, with someone able to deliver.

For the corporate, I suspect this was a project that the employees probably felt they had to put time into, the only person really understanding the value was the board member that signed it off.  In any case, I have had a large portion of my working year put aside, the costs are huge both in a personal, financial and business level.  It was set to be a fantastic event, it still will be, only next time, I will choose the company wisely, I want to work with a company that understands the internet, the value of meeting the public (their customers) and the value of 5m unique visitors per day – even if the tour is not part of their bread and butter.

Ok back to fuelmyblog.  There are plenty of products to test out now, one to note, the King of Shaves Azor, we are hoping to tie up a lot of companies over the next few weeks to ensure the bloggers get a flow of great products.   We are also bringing out a new feature very shortly, this will be very exciting for us and hopefully enable our users and friends to interact more on the site.

Sorry to have been away for a while, things have been busy here, trying to catch up 🙂

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One thought on “Stop the bus, the Tour is off”

  1. Sorry to hear that mate. Hope you can get something sorted out, but I know how much you put into making this work and it sucks that it’s all gone titsup.

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