Youtube freezes after 2 seconds

Many many people face the same problem using Firefox and Internet Explorer, you click on a YouTube video, it starts, two seconds later, finished. Or rather, it stops. If your YouTube video stops after two seconds, this tip is for you..

I have seen many many people say that you need to go back to previous restore point, change config or DNS settings, delete programs, upgrade drivers, buffer problems, change start-up settings, restart PC or blah blah blah..forget it. You do not need to do anything so drastic…

So your YouTube video freezes after 2 seconds, simply close your browser. All tabs, the lot. When prompted to restart windows or firefox, do not restore all opened tabs. Start again *from fresh* and hey presto, youtube will work as normal..

That’s magic – and will save you hours of sodding about.

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4 thoughts on “Youtube freezes after 2 seconds”

  1. I’ve never had that specific problem but I do quit Firefox quite frequently out of principal cos it does tend to get into a ‘tizzy’ otherwise.

    The TG has reloaded the previous version of Firefox btw because of all the problems with bookmarks – she’s getting worryingly boffinish ……..

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