Blogging now recognised in the UK by companies

I just received the following box:-

Intrigued – I opened it:-

Still none the wiser, lifted the green nest:-

Berocca had sent me some goodies!

Inside the blogger’s relief pack are a load of goodies that are designed to de-stress!  Plus a tube of their orange effervescence multi-vitamin/mineral drink.  This drink is created for people with hectic lifestyles.  I have, as my friends and family will testify, had the worst, in terms of busy and hectic, few months I can remember, I am hoping this drink will be the tonic I need to pick me up!

UPDATE:  I just had a glass of the orange, already I can feel myself feeling mentally more alert.  Fingers crossed that it will help me in a meeting I have today in London.

The contents of the pack are below:-

Thanks for the pack, Berocca – I look forward to receiving more pick-ups in the future!  You can learn more about their range here.  Hopefully we’ll be able to run a campaign with these guys on Fuelmyblog soon. I will cross-post this over there too.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored nor paid post.  I was under no obligation to write about the product in any shape or form.

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7 thoughts on “Blogging now recognised in the UK by companies”

  1. To Mr DP – I will send something soon – wet fish?

    Richard – is another WP template, unfortunately, not enough time to knock up a good-un like blog – yet!

  2. Well,this is interesting stuff!Vitamin C does wonders for stress or it might be psychological but it seems to work for me…Ah, I loved the green grass in the box!

  3. I remember when this stuff first came over here from (I think) Australia. It was promoted as being for people with ‘hectic lifestyles’. The only people I knew who used it regularly were those whose hectic lifestyles usually revolved around clubbing to the early hours and had work the next day!

    Still, it tastes nice, and there’s nowt wrong with a bit extra vitamin C in one’s life!

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