Twitter has new look – then crashes

I love Twitter, it is a great site, I can be found and added as a friend here.

They just deployed a new look and feel, not sure if I like it but am sure it will grow on me..only the changes seem to have affected the new found reliability guess who came back?

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7 thoughts on “Twitter has new look – then crashes”

  1. Meh, that sucks somewhat, but to be honest, I very rarely visit the web site these days. I find I can do just about everything I need from Twhirl. Clearly this relies on the API behaving itself, but at least there are no depressing whales to look at…

  2. I don’t Twitter, therefore I am problem and stress-free today. If you feel you need to Kevin, you should head over to JohnC’s blog. There’s a thread there where he’s offered DaddyP a stiff one. Perhaps he’d spring for one for you too?


  3. Or was it the other way around? I can’t recall, but at any rate, I have made the most of their conversation. It might not be a drink, but it will surely be a laugh for you. Laughter is great for de-stressing… no Twittering allowed.

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