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I recently signed up and joined the Telegraph Business Club, it seemed to be a good venue for some online business networking along with a great list of events to attend. The only problem is actually networking.
As per their site “The Telegraph Business Club exists to give readers a forum in which to share their views, insights and challenges with each other. We hope this exchange will help to enhance your business performance.”

Ok, so to use the forum, you must click on one of a list of bullet point titles to view the “post”.  I did this, found someone requesting help on growing traffic online and using different marketing tactics.  Of course I know an angle there ;).  So I started searching for a place to leave a comment, a button some text…nothing?

Clicking back I read the following:-

“All member feedback is valuable – no matter how big or small. If you want to provide any comments, articles or raise any issues that you want to leverage input from your peers, then send an email to Talk Back.

Please note that comments may appear with your name and company. If you prefer your comments to be anonymous, please state this in your email.”

Come on Telegraph what is the point in vetting every comment if you allow anonymous comments, install real forum software and lets get talking.


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3 thoughts on “Telegraph Business Club”

  1. Comments by email? Wow, that’s all very 1998 isn’t it? It’s so easy to set up simple online communities these days, they really have no excuse.

  2. I think I’m stalking you… be afraid! LOL No, I was clicking links from BlogFuel, and just wanted to say thank you for the kind words about my blog, much appreciated 🙂

    And – oh yes there’s a catch! I wanted to ask you a favor, if you have time. (begin shameless plug)I love doing interviews on The Written Word blog, and have been fortunate enough to interview some truly amazing people(end shameless plug). Would you possibly have the time to be next??? It‘s free and almost painless! *cheeze grins*

    I promise to keep it brief, maybe 5 questions about BlogFuel, you, and of course boxers/briefs? LOL It’s a really good way to introduce the readers to something new and cool, and a way to get to known a little about the person/people behind the concept and company. And IMO beats the pants off a press release! Just shoot me an email if you’re game. 🙂

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