Typing with the iPhone 3G?

I know many people have now taken delivery of their new iPhone 3G.  I like the phone very much although I have a couple of issues:-

1. It takes too long to register a touch on the screen when typing

2. The little tiny letters to tap are far too small for my “man” fingers.

What i’d really like to see is a way to display larger letters, is there any way to do this?  Anyone know?

I recently met a lady in her 60’s who is losing her sight, she is a friend of my in-Laws.  She is slowly becoming blind and wants a cell phone that would enable her to not only type an SMS but to actually read them.

The iPhone can just about do that for her, I showed her how to zoom in on text and she totally loved it.  This phone could make her life so much better but is there a cell phone in the market that can actually help people with very bad vision?

If the touch keys on the iphone could be permanently larger it could revolutionise the way people live.  If there is a solution, please let me know, I know one person who would regain something she just lost.

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