Apple gets it so right..

As many of you reading my tweets or coming here from Fuelmyblog will know that we are currently on vacation on a small island called Aegina near Athens (Greece).  The view from our room is incredible and simply breathtaking:-

Apart from spending a few hours on the beach there, we have visited a few ancient Greek Temples like the one below:-

The island is surrounded with beauty and is of course very hot, everyone with any brain will retire to their rooms between 1pm and 5pm as the temperature can be as high as 50C which is 122F..This gives me the perfect opportunity to work using the Hotel’s wifi.

Anyhow, back to Apple..

The day before I left for Aegina, I picked up one of the new iPhone 3G’s, I suspect I was the only one to do so to save money, I am currently paying over €250 per month with roaming data charges and sms’s etc and felt that the iPhone with unlimited data, 500 SMS and phone calls free would save me a fortune.  What I didn’t take into account was just how cool this “phone” is.  The camera is great, takes fantastic shots (no zoom but who cares) and the app’s, ipod etc is fantastic.  What I didn’t realise was how many people were interested in the iPhone 3G that are not on Twitter or read Techcrunch…

I was sat in a bar in a tiny town last night, taking photos of the kids eating an ice-cream.  Nothing unusual at all, then a guy tapped me on the shoulder and in his best English (he was Greek) asked if it was the new iPhone 3G?  I nodded, turned around and there were 6 men sat behind me all smiling and pointing “have you tried the maps yet?” They asked to take a look and using the wifi from the port, tried the maps out and were all smiling like kids as it showed their little island..

Apple managed to somehow reach this tiny island..they are truly the masters of marketing..

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7 thoughts on “Apple gets it so right..”

  1. Those photees are making the TG and I very jealous. We went to Aegina to look at a yacht [really!] that belonged to some posh English Lord who was a complete w****r [and his boat was rubbish as well]. As you say, early starts, air-conditioned afternoon siestas and long lazy evenings eating out and strolling. At least you’ve got the father-in-law to help you out with communicating in Greek – tee hee.

    I expect to be winning one of those phoney thingies in the very near future BTW …………or something similar.

  2. They don’t have a data plan there? Are the SMS used when you don’t have a nearby WiFi portal? Your making me miss real greek food now, Kevin. 🙂

  3. I want to go to Greece! My Nana Was Greek and always talked about us going but unfortunately she didn’t make it back. I’m glad to hear there is technology and I can stay connected. Glad you had a good time!

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