1 million hits is a new challenge

Fuelmyblog is now getting over a million hits per month, the majority of which are coming through the Friends widgets.  This is seriously slowing the site from time to time and we are working on a fix.  The best solution is to change servers and upgrade to something more robust.

Why haven’t we already made these changes?

Whilst we have enough funds to cover these changes, we are launching something in the next week or two that will be bringing in huge levels of traffic, estimated at over 5m per day.  We are talking to some major players in the hosting space and will hopefully be in a position to work on scaling up ASAP.  Sorry for the continued slowness, we will fix it soon and be bringing some very cool features asap (along with a new employee or two).

I’d love to see what features you guys would like to see installed in fuelmyblog, more writers, better blog help, better features etc.  I plan on hosting some user groups both in the UK and US during the next few months and am keen to see your feedback.

If you are reading this and are on fuelmyblog, please leave a note 🙂

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