10 top tips for using Google

I have been busy recently and have failed to keep up with this blog, I intend to get back up to speed over the next few days.

Moving on from my post yesterday about what Google would do if they bought Fuelmyblog on the Fuel blog, it made me think about Google and the fact that many people simply use it to search, so, here are ten tips on using Google and making it a better experience.

  1. Calculator – Type in a maths problem, Google will show the answer, and this works both in numbers eg (1+33)*2 and words one plus thirty three times two, it will even do a combination eg  1 plus thirty three, *2.  Go on, try it!
  2. Precision Search – Using quotes will return an exact search,  removing them will return an assortment of unrelated pages.
  3. Dictionary –  Type define then any English word, the result will give you a quick dictionary definition.
  4. Maps – Type a town or city, sometimes with a County or State and Google will produce a map, click on it you can view driving directions, satellite views etc.
  5. Books – Go to books.google.com type in a writer or book title, and view the scanned book online.
  6. News – Go to news.google.com type in a subject and see up to date news results.
  7. Alerts – If you want to see who is writing about you, your blog or anything of interest, go to the following link here, then simply type in the search terms ie fuelmyblog, determine the type, I prefer comprehensive (search everywhere) and get an update via email as it happens, you can then track everyone that mentions your subject.
  8. Weather – Want to search weather easily?  Simply type weather followed by the name of the place ie weather la rochelle, hit return!
  9. Lucky? – If you have never tried it, typing a site name eg fuelmyblog in the search box followed by clicking I’m Feeling Lucky will take you there direct, no search results.
  10. Link – Who is linking to you?  Type link: followed by your URL and see who links to you eg link:fuelmyblog.com.

There, ten simple Google tips, if you have any other gems, leave them in the comments, Enjoy!

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