Sorry about the huge break in posts – there are reasons!

Wow, that was a long time since I last posted. Far too long. For that, I am so sorry.

Things have been really really busy behind the scenes over at Fuelmyblog. I have been working like crazy, flying back to the UK almost every week this year on Ryanair,and if you ever find yourself in Europe, they are such a cost effective way of getting around I fly from South West France to London for $30 return!! (carbon offsetting does take place)..I have also started a three times a week show on BlogTV with the great Paul O’Flaherty, soon to be of this fame. We have had a few guests on the show so far, the amazing Liz Strauss who is hosting a great business school for bloggers soon here and the talented Mr BusinessGolf, Scott took the stage too. The show is still in very early stages and really it is thanks to Paul that it is not an absolute shambles, he has an incredible interview talent and I would love to see him speaking to more amazing people, maybe you guys would like him to interview Stephen, Loic or even Mr Scoble? (I would love to see why they do what they do) Please drop me a fuel if you have any ideas on future guests.

The frustrating thing about some of this really exciting stuff is that I can’t really talk about all of them. Not yet. Sorry again! I can give you an insight as to what the site is going to be doing soon, I will write a separate post on where it is going and my vision for Fuelmyblog in the future, in fact if you guys could offer some assistance at any point, I’d be grateful. But I can’t tell you about the new “concept”.

I have been putting together a concept, an idea that is just so different and simple it promises to be (and will be) the biggest kind of non-online, online “thing” ever to hit the shores of the UK, then Europe, the USA followed by rest of the planet (I have NDA’s coming for those really wanting a sneak preview). Truly amazing. The only thing I can say now is that as soon as I can say more, I’ll do it here first! Our investors are not always the easiest to get excited but during our last board meeting I was offered almost a blank cheque! I suspect we won’t need any as I am talking direct to the CEO’s of major organisations and all have (so far) gotten excited (these CEO’s have over 40,000 employees to look after!). I can’t wait to tell more. If you own a website, are a journalist, a blogger or even simply a web user, you will love it. I promise.

So, what is going on at Fuelmyblog?

Right now based upon a keynote here delivered by Matt Mullenweg, we have developed a Facebook application for your blogs, it will show your URL (with link), it will show blogs you read (the fuelroll as seen over on the right) and it will look pretty cool and will be more useful than throwing a sheep..!  He also is talking on his blog about splogs at the moment and it is the reason we monitor every single blog that joins up, keeping it spam free.

We are changing the way you arrange the order of friends, by dragging them up and down freely.

Then comes the next big thing on Fuelmyblog, we are starting True Product Testing. We are going to let you lovely folks keep products in return for some honesty, “does it work?”, “is it any good?”..but you won’t be paid (you get to keep stuff) you won’t be asked to write positively and you will never be given a script. It is simply going to be called product testing 🙂 You will be able to opt in to be included.

Fed up with fueling blogs, is the process too slow? We have a sexy little solution for that too, it will make the process far easier and allow multiple fueling!

Oh and the friends widget will display your number of votes too!

So again, sorry for the absence, I will write much more regularly in here..I hope!

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7 thoughts on “Sorry about the huge break in posts – there are reasons!”

  1. All good stuff Kevin – and we all know how hard it is to keep a blog going. Your’s brilliant. There are lots of positive things happening with FMB and they are sure to great things to come.

  2. you and Sylvie work so hard. I think most of us FMB members don’t have any idea what goes on behind the scenes it just happens and it is there for us to use.
    I suppose I should realise as I work tres hard in the real world to provide for 10s of 1000s of others you obviously must do too but to me you provide my R&R (it’s fascinating when you think about it!)

    Love all the positives that you are bringing on board (even though the techno speak may take a nano sec to sink in…… a bit like French & German at school!)

    Carry on carrying on I may be a bit behind but will catch up eventually lol 🙂

  3. Kevin.. thanks for the mention mate. Has this blog been your dirty little secret because I didn’t know about it until now.

    Keep up the good work and keep the posts coming man 🙂

  4. Kev, I’m so happy you are working on the mass fueling thing, I would like to fuel my whole fuel widget. I love each of the blogs and think thats a great fix. As far as feeling bad for not Blogging enough, don’t you have a life outside of Blogging and I’m sure you’re a very busy fellow. Hugs and my best to you and Sylvie~
    Sugar Queens Dream

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