An Online Brainstorm Session

Today I wanted again to post about meeting and finding my first coder but something just came up.  Something really exciting for Fuelmyblog and I would love some feedback.

We have been approached and have now accepted a sponsored weekly blog competition, the company (can’t reveal today, sorry) provide books, we have never worked with them before and have over the past few weeks established a really good relationship with them.  My idea is below, please do leave comments on whether you see it working or not, I’d appreciate ideas as we plan to go live on the 7th Feb 08.  I have listed each part as a bullet point to make it easier!

  • We shall, every Thursday, host a new random macro (very very close up photo) image.  We will be asking the bloggers what they think it is.
  • We will give one blog in fuelmyblog a clue to display
  • After a couple of hours, we’ll link on the fuel blog to the one with the clue.
  • The sponsor will answer questions to the clue through vote comments only.
  • After a couple of hours, the sponsor should have a lot of votes and be easy to find on the fuel front page!
  • Answers should be left via a comment on the fuelmyblog blog or via a vote for fuel (keeping the answers secret)
  • The people that guess this correctly will have their names put into a “hat” and we’ll host a live draw via an online video host on the Friday.
  • The winner gets either their blog printed as a book or a choice from the sponsors website.


  • Should the winner get to host the image next week?
  • Should the blogs taking part host the photo too, to get more help from their readers?
  • Should we make answers only via a fuel comment vote, ensuring just one entry per user?
  • Is it all too confusing so far?!

If the above makes sense, great!   We have 25 weeks of competition lined up so it should be great fun and bloggers can win more than once.
If it makes no sense, please voice your opinion below 🙂

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6 thoughts on “An Online Brainstorm Session”

  1. A little confusing Kevin. How are the blogs going to be chosen to be the host with the clue? And, yes I think that everyone joining in should also post the image. That way they get help from their reader feedback and FMB also gets a mass day of advertising.

  2. That’s a good idea Kevin. That would make it completely unbiased and no-one could claim that they had been over looked or ignored. If you win…you win. therefore you get the clue!
    Your very welcome,

  3. Nicely done. Answers should be via fuel comment vote, so its fair. One entry per user.

    As for the confusing aspect. Very. Had to read the post 2 or 2 times to put my two cents in!

  4. Too funny Ryan!

    I’ll make it far simpler! I just did an amazing deal today (Shhh!) Every blog on fuel is going to have the opportunity to feature on one of the largest new sites in the USA for a month! Shhh!

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