First Post is the hardest

This blog is going to provide a useful insight towards starting an online community from behind the scenes. In January 2007 I started a blog community called Fuelmyblog. Since then, many things have changed and I have spoken to a huge number of good people from diverse backgrounds.

My work and career background is in sales. I was the Sales Manager of a very profitable computer reseller called Vitesse Plc for seven years, we were based in London, during my final year at this company, I implemented and introduced an online ordering system, we turned over £500k of sales in the first year online, which amounted to 5% of our overall sales that year. Prior to that role I worked in a bank, sold cars to businesses and was a Private Investigator for one year. Every role I have ever taken has taught me many lessons. None, however, more than running an online start-up.

I had zero experience of how to market a website nor did I have any experience of the players in the internet, two key success factors. I have simply applied all the skills I learned from selling to private individuals and businesses and the aftercare and service that is required to keep customers happy, becoming an expert takes time, keeping people happy takes care and attention.

From an outsiders view, working on the internet is fun, easy and can be very very profitable. The truth..? The truth is that I am writing this post on a Saturday afternoon. I worked on Christmas day and have not had one day off in just over one year, no bank holidays, no weekends. Nothing. Do I regret anything? Not at all.

Why blog it? There is no better way of telling a story or communicating than blogging, blogging is no longer the future, it is here, now and should be embraced by everyone.

I will try to post regularly on this blog, it will be a mixture of experiences, lessons learned and people and sites discovered.

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12 thoughts on “First Post is the hardest”

  1. waytogo & well done ….. you have entered into a great adventure. It seems to me you have all the ingredients for success ~ commitment, attention to detail, open mindedness, customer care and a whole bunch of nutty bloggers (well one in particular) hee hee to keep you on your toes.

    I hadn’t realised that FMB has only been going 12 months, a great achievement. Long may you prosper

  2. My goodness I had no clue that this forum was this young. Kevin you guys are still a baby as far as age and you are doing a fantastic job. I absolutely love it here. I may not show up in the forums as much as I should. But I think you all are just doing a super job. Congratulations and may 2008 prove to be even more successful and profitable. Wow and I thought I was the only one that didn’t ever sleep. My husband who has no clue about blogging is firmly convinced that all bloggers are insomniacs. I think he may just be right.
    Happy New year again,

  3. Thanks guys, it has been an adventure, as you’ll see! Have had threats, laughs, been in 2 books, court action and met with a celeb! More importantly, and I do sincerely mean this, I have met some of the nicest people on the planet through Fuel. Really hope that this blog shows everything, warts and all!

  4. Kevin,
    I’m still really new here, and haven’t yet really gotten used to FuelMyBlog, but I think you’re on to something good. It’s a beautiful thing when what you do for the pure pleasure of it can support you.
    Well done, indeed!

  5. Only a year old? I’m impressed. It’s the personal contact with the Fuel staff that has made fuel such a rewarding experience for me. When you grow as big as Google can you keep it the same?

  6. Hey Kevin, Glad things are going up your way… Live life to its fullest and never look back! Peace~~
    Everyone needs a little sugar….

  7. By the 8th comment it seems repetitive to say that I’m surprised Fuel is so young, but I’m surprised! I just joined Fuel a few days ago and already I can see what a great community you have created. Looking forward to your second, third, fourth … posts!

  8. Hi guys, thanks for all the comments, Shinade I shall try the meme!

    Fuel has only really been “live” in its current form since July 07, I see it really as less than six months old!

    Better get moving with the second post!

  9. Working with the internet is really really hard. For a short while, I escaped from the library world and worked as an internal sourcer (I found people to hire) at an ISP– internet service provider. It was constant work. I’ve looked at the internet business world. It is an easy market to enter. I congratulate you on your decision and wish you best of luck in your business. I am enjoying your site a lot so far.

  10. I remember the way it looked way back then. I’d found you almost when you were new, but bookmarked you “for later” which turned out to be spring.

    It’s a good community. You and Sylvie should be proud.

  11. Wow! You have a lot of readers here! Good going. I started blogging last year because I was told you could make some pocket change. Since November, things changed for me. Now I am blogging to… I will quote you on that one “Why blog it? There is no better way of telling a story or communicating than blogging…”
    By the way I also went to school when the strap was still being used.
    Thank you for visiting my blog UFO’s And The Star People

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